$549.99 ZOTAC ZT-P10800C-10P Right Now

$549.99 ZOTAC ZT-P10800C-10P Right Now


New: $789.00   610.46,639.99,879.00,875.00,877.42,847.42,849.00,799.95,849.95,771.70
Used: $549.99   500.00,500.50,499.00,550.00,850.00,800.00,715.00,475.00,799.00,699.00

* All-new SPECTRA lighting system
* Customize the look with a color to match your system using the all new, redesigned Firestorm utility
* Different lighting modes
* Equipped with special capacitors that can endure extreme temperatures and high power loads
* Full metal protection with metal front shroud and metal wraparound protection

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