$230.00 Gigabyte GV-R797OC-3GD Right Now

$230.00 Gigabyte GV-R797OC-3GD Right Now


Used: $230.00   230.00

* Ultra Durable VGA materials - GPU Temperature 5%-10% down - Overclocking Capability 10%-30% Up - Power Switching Loss 10%-30% down.
* WINDFORCE 3X with "Triangle Cool" Technology for the absolute best cooling performance at whisper silent operation.
* Factory Overclocked Edition: Core Clock: 1000MHz (Std 925MHz)
* Supports PCI-Express 3.0 Interface; Supports AMD CrossFire, Avivo HD, Eyefinity 2.0, and EyeSpeed technologies.
* Features DVI-I/HDMI/2x mini-Displayport outputs with HDCP protection.
* Minimum Recommended Power System Power Supply unit 550W.

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